A Guide to Portuguese Phrases for American Football Fans

Cory Trimm

Photo of an AI generated aerial view of sports fans cheering during a match

American Football has been growing in popularity in Brazil - even more so now with the first ever game in São Paulo in September between the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles. It’ll be helpful to know some basic Portuguese vocabulary related to the sport. Whether you’re a new fan in Brazil or just interested in cultural linguistics, this guide will help you communicate with Brazilian fans during American Football games. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the Green Bay Packers, we’ve included some must-know terms to enhance your experience.

Common Portuguese Words for American Football

Here are some of the most commonly used terms in Portuguese that are specific to American Football:

  1. Futebol Americano - American Football
  2. Capacete - Helmet
  3. Jarda(s) - Yard(s)
  4. Touchdown - Touchdown (used as it is in English, often abbreviated as TD)
  5. Quarterback - Quarterback (also used as it is in English)
  6. Interceptação - Interception
  7. Passe - Pass
  8. Recepção - Reception
  9. Defesa - Defense
  10. Ataque - Offense

These terms will help you follow the game better and communicate with other fans during a match.

Top Ten Words Every Green Bay Packers Fan Should Know

If you’re cheering for the Green Bay Packers, here are ten terms that are essential for every fan to know:

  1. Packers - Packers (used as it is in English)
  2. Cabeça de Queijo - Cheesehead (a nickname for Packers fans, reflecting Wisconsin’s famous cheese industry)
  3. Lambeau Leap - Lambeau Leap (the famous jump into the stands by a player after scoring, named after the Packers’ stadium)
  4. Grelha - Gridiron (another term for the football field)
  5. Vitória - Victory
  6. Super Bowl - Super Bowl (the championship game of the NFL)
  7. Playoffs - Playoffs (the postseason games leading up to the Super Bowl)
  8. Rivalidade - Rivalry (important in sports, especially against long-time rivals like the Chicago Bears)
  9. Treinador - Coach
  10. Torcida - Fans

Here are ten more

  1. Vai Pack Vai! - Go Pack Go!
  2. Verde e Dourado ate Estar Morto e Gelado - Green and Gold till I’m Dead and Cold**
  3. Sangramos Verde e Dourado - We Bleed Green and Gold
  4. Cabeças de Queijo Para Sempre - Cheeseheads Forever
  5. Ataque do Pack! - Pack Attack
  6. Touchdown Packers! - Touchdown Packers! (same as English)
  7. Bora Defesa! - Let’s Go Defense!
  8. Bora Packers - Let’s Go Packers!
  9. Vamos Packers, Vamos! - Let’s Go Packers, Let’s Go!
  10. Parem Eles - Stop Them (on defense)

Knowing these terms not only helps in understanding the game better but also in connecting with other fans, particularly those who share your enthusiasm for the Packers. You can also join a fan club WhatsApp Group to keep in touch with other Brazilian Packers Backers.

Whether you are watching the game in Brazil, with Brazilian friends, or just want to add a new dimension to your American Football vocabulary, these Portuguese terms will definitely enhance your viewing experience. Enjoy the game, or as they say in Portuguese, “Aproveite o jogo!”

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